I write about this now because I was just replaying my day today right now as I lay on my bed. You know going through the wonderful day that was today. Thinking back at how exhilarated and thrilled I was sitting in that court room today and just enjoying the beauty of the law and being a part of it. And as I think about it I am telling myself “men I can really keep doing this stuff for the duration of my life.” Now usually when I do this whole replaying of my day thing, I never do it alone. We do it together. And by “we”, I mean me and my Heavenly Father. And as I reminisce on how much I enjoy this law business especially court room stuff, Dad says to me – “and to think you never in your wildest dreams wanted to study law or be a lawyer huh!” And I could almost visualize the twinkle in His eyes looking at me as He said that. I couldn’t help but laugh with Him and that was actually the minute I got up and picked up this laptop to start blogging about His next words to me. He said, “No one can ever know you better than Me, not even you. Because I MADE YOU.!!!!”

And you know the next sentence I completed with Him was that contained in Jeremiah 1:5. See in Jeremiah 1:5, the Lord was telling Jeremiah that,

“Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.”

As I read that out I chuckle, and I said to Him, “So Dad you’re saying that before I was born more than so many years ago, You decided that I’d be a lawyer and that I’d be here where I am at this very moment huh!?” And that still awes and fascinates me every single time. Like I can never ever get over that fact. And I sometimes wonder to myself, what if I had not agreed with His choice of law and did something else? Then what would have happened? Well to be honest I do not know and I am quite happy with not knowing and even happier with the fact that I went with His choice because I am exactly where I need to be at this very present moment. But I can tell you this; if I went with my choice and not His, He would still remain God; He would still very much love me the same. But guess what, I would be where I think I should be in life, not where He had in His infinite wisdom and plan designed that I should be. And trust me, it don’t matter how good you think your choices may be, they can never compare to the choices and plans of the One who Himself designed and made you.

Understand this or rather let me ask you this. If a manufacturer made a product and you ran into problems with the product, would you go to the manufacturer of the product for answers or not? Of course you would. Now why would it be any different with God Your Creator? I know this somehow goes back to existential questions about creation and all. I do not believe I am the product of a big bang thank you very much. And in any case, this post is directed at persons who believe just like me that they were made in the image and likeness of a very real, powerful and wonderful God.

I’ll just share my story of my career choice, which triggered this post, to make the point. As you can already tell from the above opening, I am a lawyer both by training and profession. But that was never my biggest dream growing up. Oh no!!! Growing up I always wanted to be a medical doctor. Ask me why. Funny story. I wanted to be a medical doctor so that I could treat myself so that that way I wouldn’t have to go to a male doctor and possibly have to be naked in front of a male doctor. Hahaha ludicrous I know right hahaha. But that was the thinking of a little girl at the time. So get this, all through secondary school, I never really gave much thought to having to study anything else because I’d already convinced myself I would study Medicine. In fact everyone at home had started calling me Doctor Oge for good measure hahaha. My sciences, especially Biology and Chemistry weren’t too bad either so I seemed to be on track for that medical degree yes. Or so I thought.

So after I finished Senior High School, our family relocated to Botswana from Nigeria. When I got to Botswana, I immediately went to the University to start application process and all. And that was where the “bad news” started. I got there and I was told that at the time, the University of Botswana did not offer a full medical degree as their university was not as yet fully equipped for same. As a result they only offered a Pre-med programme and one would then need to travel either to neighboring South Africa or any other country, to finish the degree before becoming a doctor. And my world came crashing down. It was over for the 16 year old me at the time because my parents said to me they could not afford abroad studies at the time. They went ahead to inform me that I would have to forget the whole Medicine thing and look for something else to study. I cried my lungs out but that would not change the situation hahaha. I sulked for some days after but still it wouldn’t change anything. I was so sad and confused. It felt like everything had just come to an end for me. So my mum initially says to me maybe look at your final school certificate (called West African Senior Secondary School Certificate), and see the courses you did well and see if you can’t study those. I did quiet well in Economics and Chemistry and Biology. So I was thinking maybe Microbiology or Biochemistry or something related to Economics. Now at the time I was also assisting my mum with marketing her business so I also wondered if I should study marketing and especially because my dad was a marketing lecturer. But my mum quickly dissuaded me from the marketing idea telling me I was already very good at it and a natural at it that I didn’t need a degree in it. After much thought, she just said, “why not pray about it and hear what God has to say.” Now there was a thought. Except that until that point, I’d never really given thought to hearing from God or even trying to hear from Him. Until that point, my relationship with God, if I could even call it that, was just one of me always rambling out requests to heaven and leaving, without even bothering to listen and hear if the Person I spoke to had anything to say in response. Funny and ironic right. And you know what’s even more ironic or should I say sad, is that this seems to be how the relationship of a great majority of us is with God. But let me not digress to that topic for now.

So my mum’s last suggestion to me got to me. And I actually stopped and gave it thought because honestly at that point I really had run out of ideas of what to apply for and time was running out. So I decided what the heck; I had nothing to lose anyway. So I went down on my knees. Now I honestly cannot recall exactly what my prayer would have been but what I can recall vividly is that an answer came. That answer came in the form of a dream. In that dream, I saw myself in a law lecture classroom. I woke up from that dream very puzzled and unhappy! Unhappy because I was not imagining or thinking anything law. No no; far from it. It cannot be law. You know why? Because lawyers were liars and all lawyers were going to hell as far as I was concerned at that time. Lawyers were not looked upon favorably in the area I lived at the time. In fact I was told then that when lawyers died, they were buried face down because they were not worthy to look up to God because of all the lies they told. So noooo I was not about to study law. And the heavens forbid that I study law because I was not about to get buried face down!! Heck no!!! You’re probably reading this and dying with laughter. Right now I am also dying with laughter but back then it was very serious for me and I was not laughing at all hahaha. Noooo!!! On the contrary, as soon as I woke from that dream, you should have seen me. I immediately went down on my knees and started binding and destroying all the demons and devil that wanted me to study law. I said Father in the Name of Jesus, I bind every demon that is showing me this demonic dreams of studying law. Hahahahaha. Funny right. I bet even Father God in heaven was having the time of His life laughing too hahaha. Get this, law was never a thing for me. Was far from my wildest imaginations.

So I carried on praying about the issue and still considering Microbiology or Biochemistry. But get this, that dream did not stop. It persisted two more times and in the third one I was even graduating with a law degree. The third time it persisted, my attention was finally got. I decided that since this dream was persisting despite my consistent binding of it, that perhaps I should pay a little more attention. So I did. I then said alright Father let me give this law thing a chance. I went to the University and then enquired about law. Now because I came with a foreign final school result, it was graded differently but that meant I didn’t make the cut-off point to be admitted into the degree programme for law. My points were just enough for the Diploma in Law programme. I was down-cast as a result. But until this day, I will never forget my Father’s words to me. I can’t forget it because it was the very first time in my entire walk with Him that I heard Him so clearly. He said to me “once you take this step, I will make you excellent. You will always come out the top of your class starting with this Diploma and your Degree. You just trust Me and walk with Me for as long as you live.” You do not understand how phenomenal that was. That changed my entire life!!! And you know what else happened? As soon as I walked into my first class in the Diploma programme, it was a Constitutional Law class, dude I cannot explain it, but my spirit just said to me “you are in the right place; this is where you are meant to be.” And darn, there was such an overwhelming sense of peace and purpose. An immediate sense of I was born for this!!! Imagine that!! And this was someone who had until that point never in her life thought about law, talk less of studying it.

So many incidents from the very first day I started studying law, showed me that I made the best decision of my life taking on God’s choice for me. I remember my constitutional law lecturer at the time, after our first test and I had made the highest score of 82% said to me, “have you ever studied a law certificate before?” to which I said no that this was my first time. I would never forget what he said next – he said “you write like someone who has had a prior experience and encounter with the law.” And you cannot begin to imagine how much confidence and inspiration that gave me. And could it be that I wrote so well because that was what He made me for? And yes, true to His promise to me, I graduated top of my class both at the Diploma and Degree level. Oh, at the time of my Diploma, Father God said to me, “don’t worry about that whole thing they say about you having to take 5 years to obtain your degree after your Diploma. If others do it in 5 years, you will do yours in 4 years and this is exactly how we are going to do that”. And so from my first year, first semester Diploma in Law, He let me in on the secret to how to already obtain my Degree in 4 years, even before getting admitted for that Degree programme. And did I finish His Degree Programme in 4 years as promised? Your guess is correct; I did. And not only did I finish in 4 years, I finished top of that class. When I was to go for my Masters Degree, at the time when I accepted His position that I was to go to an Ivy League in the UK, I went through the Oxford University website, He said not this one. But as soon as I got to the University of Cambridge website, He said “I am taking you to this University. For a College Choice, I was also told to select Queens’ College as my first choice. Now get this, I applied to other universities out of doubt. I applied to Edinburgh, Leicester and Sussex. All three accepted me. But guess the only university where I received full funding? Yup; University of Cambridge, Queens’ College. Exactly where He’d told me He planned for me to go. And the minute I got to Cambridge and everything I experienced there, I understood precisely why He chose that place and at that time for me.

I don’t know if you are seeing this but take it from me, there is nobody that can take care of you better than the One who made you. There is nobody who can know what’s best for you better than the One who Himself crafted you Himself and formed every part of you and gave you His breath. I would want for you to let the reality of that sink in. This is the Guy; the Dude who made you!!!!

Let me tell you more. I am only actually realizing this now but wow wow wow what I am about to say literally now just dawn on me properly. A month ago, I was at a church programme where the preacher said that heaven releases its resources to persons who obey the call of heaven on their life. So basically that Father God will not avail His resources for persons who have no interest in using His resources to advance His cause. And I am now like wow wait oh my word, this explains the seeming relative ease with which I was blessed to receive heaven’s assistance throughout every level and stage of my law career. Like you do not understand. Let me tell you more. If you read my earlier posts especially on “The Benefits of Being a Friend of God”, you’ll see I talk about God’s divine providence in my Masters degree study and in fact how even my going for the Masters was at His instance. Not just my Masters; the entire shebang from my Diploma all the way!!! Men I am left in awe again as I think about it all.

If you think you’ve heard enough, trust me it gets better. In that post and earlier ones, I tell you how God gave me my job when I least expected it. I won’t repeat it again here to eschew prolixity. But my goodness, as I write this now I am seeing for the first time, how it is that God had already planned all of my life and career out, even before I took that decision. Can you imagine how differently my life would have turned out if I didn’t take that decision. I don’t think you understand. No you probably would not. But my entire life is what it is today because I took that giant leap of faith and trusted God enough to trust that He knew me better than I knew myself, enough to know what career would work for me. Like dude my entire existence until this point will not have been here if I did not trust Him with that very important decision of what to study at university.

And by the way, that job He gave me, I lost it. Hahaha. I laugh now but it was not so funny when it happened. And this was not too long ago actually; October last year. It was quiet something but that is story for another day; I’ll tell it hopefully one day, not just yet. And guess what He said when that happened? He said to me, “stop crying about that, I’ll take care of you!” Oh let me shock you some more, He said He wanted it to happen because I was starting to settle for something He didn’t want me to settle for” and then He said, “its time for the next phase of your journey and you need to get going.” I’ll tell you this, this next phase that He speaks of is one that I’ll be honest with you, I do not know all the details of. It looks rocky and bumpy as crazy and sometimes I have to stop and say to Him, “Father please give me strength to continue” and all the time His response “My Grace is Sufficient For You!!!” gives me all the strength that I need. He tells me, just take it one day at a time with Me and I cannot even fight that. Did He take care of me like He promised after I seemed to have lost it all? My goodness!!! Until this day, it shakes me to my core just how far out He went for me in that time and again I will discuss it another day.

Do I have all the answers?? NO!!! Do I know exactly where God is taking me?? I wish. But all I know is when I look back at exactly where He has taken me and brought me from and through, and when I think and know and remember that He’s never failed me and He’s not even about to start now, I always remember the Hillsong Oceans track, it brings me to my knees, it brings me to His Cross and it reminds me that He Loves Me; WILL ALWAYS LOVE ME. AND IMPORTANTLY KNOWS ME BETTER THAN I WILL EVER KNOW MYSELF. And you know what, that knowledge is enough for me. That knowledge is all I need to keep trusting and following His best laid plans for me.

I encourage you, if you have not tried to take the leap of faith to find out from God what His plans for you are, take it from someone who has tried Him, you have no idea just how much stuff you are missing out on. Give it a try and be patient with the process, you will be very glad you did! 😉

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